Me and My Bug Out Bag

Well, I have had my bug out bag for a couple of months now so I guess it’s time to get it out and go over everything again for the fourth time. Plus, I just purchased a larger one and I need to rearrange everything. It will go on my morning walk with me so I can make sure it’s not to heavy .

Camping The Sensible Way

It’s camping season and every time I pass a campsite, I wonder if the people there could survive if an emergency or natural disaster occurred and they couldn’t leave the site. Could they make it another whole week, or month?

I remember when I had a camper and would pack it for the weekend. Not caring or being concerned about anything other than a Fri night meal, 3 meals on Saturday and a good breakfast on Sunday morning before packing up.  I would have been up the old creek without a paddle if I had to survive any longer than the weekend.

I’m certainly not saying pack for a month for the weekend! There are ways to get around that and one of them is purchasing some prepackaged food and water rations. One of the bug out bags that I did a review on “Disaster Preparedness”, was stocked with both food and water and had a shelve life of 5 years. Now that makes sense to me.

If you have a bug out bag, just throw it in the corner of the camper and if you need it, you’ll have it. It’s just a good practice to take your bug out bag with you wherever you go. They don’t take up much room in the trunk and having it with you is certainly better than having it in a closet at home when you really need it.

Updating and Adding To Your Bug Out Bag

My neighbors tease me about having a new family member as my bag is either in a chair at the table or right near the front door.  I think I crossed the line the other day when I picked my best friend up to go grocery shopping. As she got in the car she glanced in the back seat and said, “OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me, that thing is going shopping with us!”  OOOPS!

I’m hoping that by now, you have purchased your very own bug out bag or two! I must admit that having one on hand has given me piece of mind. As I learn more about prepping, I add a little something more to my bag that will come in handy if I need to bug out.

I’m getting better at building a fire and doing some cooking over the open flame. We recently had a wind storm here and with all the chainsaws activity I found a new use for some of the wood shavings. I collected a grocery bag full and dried them out and put it into small snack Ziploc bags to use for starting fire. Cheap, easy and they take up very little room in my bug out bag.

Gaining Knowledge About Survival

I have been learning about what kind of plants are edible in my part of the country and which ones can be used for medicinal purposes. There is so very much to learn about prepping and when you meet other preppers, they are more than willing to share their knowledge with others. I have found out that preppers are a unique group of people and what one doesn’t know a lot about, the next one you meet will be an expert in.

I try to learn something new every week about prepping and what I am finding out is I am gaining knowledge in other areas also. The experts tells us to keep learning and using our brain and it will stay healthy! In my next post I will share. with you, some great survival sites that I have come across. “Keep your chin in the wind”!








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