Emergency Zone 840 2 Person Disaster Kit

Emergency Zone 840 Bug Out Bag Feature

Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag
Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag
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The Emergency Zone 840 is for a 2 person bug out bag and it is a good base to build upon.  The price is very reasonable. When I mentioned build upon, I don’t mean that this kit is inadequate in any way. It is a great basic kit that will provide you with a form of shelter, a water supply and food rations.

Feature List

  • The bag weighs 15 pounds
  • 61 piece first aid kit
  • Dimensions 16″ x 12″ x 8″
  • Contains water purification system

The Emergency Zone 840 does cover your  main concerns of what you want to have in a bug out bag. The quality of the items in the kit are decent, not top of the line, but then neither is the price.  It is a good value product that will give you peace of mind just having it in your possession.

Bag Construction

It comes with two packs and they hook together or can be carried separately. It measures 16″ x 12″ x 8″ and weighs 15 pounds. The smaller bag can be used as an EDC bag.

I have looked at many bug out bags and numerous ones do come apart for ease of use and then hook together for easier travel.

The outside compartments on the bag makes it easy to pack your first aid supplies where you can get to them in a hurry. Can you imagine getting a cut that needs immediate attention and having to dig though your entire bag because you put the first aid kit in the bottom of the bag? Having those compartments on the outside cuts down on your frustration level.

Water Options

Emergency Zone 840 2 personThe water supply consists of 12 4.2 ounce pouches and a 1 L bottle of powder used for purification with the instructions on how to do it. There are also foldable containers to do the purification in. The water purification process is fairly easy but you don’t want to mess with that as you travel.

That is why this kit has prepared water pouches. Use the pouches as you travel and when you set up camp, do the purification process and store that water in the foldable container for use around camp.

Food Items

When looking at the food rations, it has 2 bars. This is deceiving as the bars are 18 ounces each and break up into 6 bars so you get a lot more than it sounds like. The packaged food and water have a shelf life of 5 years.

The water and food supplies are adequate in this bag  as advertised. Previous customers have been very satisfied with the kit and having it ready to go at a moments notice. You can always increase the contents of the bag as time passes but for now, put your mind at ease with owning this kit.

Weather Protection

For warmth and weather protection the bug out bag has hand warmers, reflective sleeping bags, a nylon two person tent and adult size ponchos. I have used hand warmers for other parts of the body too. If you are a person with chronic cold feet, use the warmers in your boots or put them inside your coat on your tummy area for core body heat.

The reflective sleeping bags retain body heat without reflecting away heat from the environment. Arranging the two person tent and the two adult poncho in the right way can keep the wind and rain at bay and keep you warm and out of the elements.

There is plenty to keep two people warm over night or if you have to be outside in the rain. Minimal fire starting equipment is included so you might want to add a Bic and some wood shaving in a plastic bag.

First Aid Options

You will have a 61 piece first aid kit that is amazing. It has numerous bandages, pads, first aid creams and includes personal hygiene items. It even has personal items just for the ladies needs. Adding more to the first aid kit would be your person choice as we all have different needs as far as hygiene is concerned.

The N95 face mask is also included. This mask  covers the mouth and nose and will provide respiratory protection against certain airborne biological particles. These are good to have if you are someone just sensitive to the out of doors.


As you can see, this is a great starter kit and would serve you very well as you begin your life of being prepared for disaster. Reasonably priced, good choice of products and as always, it will give you piece of mind.

You can find more information about thison amazon and the best price here.

If you are still not satisfied with this one, you can look at our survival kit reviews page for more options.

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