Emergency Disaster Kit For a Family

I was  watching the coverage on Hurricane Harvey and feeling very sad about all the people that were having to leave their homes. They have to go to safe places set up around Houston.

From the footage I watched, it looked as though almost all of them left with the clothes on their back and nothing else.

We, as a country always seem to pull out of these disasters in time, but the memories last forever, good or bad.

I was thinking to myself, I wish each family had an emergency kit ready to go! Not that it would stop the disaster but just having some fresh water and prepared food on hand would really help.

Even if you had to go to one of the safe places, you would not be at the mercy of someone else.

As a prepper, I have a bug out bag with those supplies in it, so I am somewhat prepared. Let look at a few of the Emergency survival Kits for a Family that I have on my Website.

Disaster Preparedness Kit For Survival Emergencies


Bug Out Bag Versatility

The Disaster Preparedness Kit is contained in a 12 x 15 x 16 backpack and is your basic bug out bag. There is ample room in the bag to put in your personal items plus a few extra pieces of clothing and some dog food if Fido is coming along for the trip.

Feature List

  • Weights 8 pounds
  • 54 piece First Aid Kit
  • Dynamo Radio/Flashlight
  • 100% guarantee
  • Very Compact

The basic components and bag weigh in at around 8 pounds so some additions to the bag will not be a problem. This is another bag that people are buying more than one of.  It is an outstanding product that no home should be without.

Customers are purchasing this bag for their college students to keep in their cars as they travel back and forth from school to home on the week ends.

If you commute any distance at all to work, this would be a good product to stash in your trunk or back seat.

Customers that are doing this say it gives them the feeling that they can survive just about any situation until help arrived if they are stranded or until it is safe to go home.

Food and Water

The food consists of 2, 2400 calorie food bars. Two bars don’t sound like much food but the big bars divide into smaller ones for consumption. Some customers have said the food doesn’t sound that yummy but the caloric intake would be enough to sustain them for 72 hours.

The only water supply is 12 prepared pouches of water. One customer added a pack of 30 Aquatabs to his bag that would treat up to 60 quarts of water. This addition was very minimal in size and would not affect the carrying weight of the survival bag.

First Aid Needs

You will have a 54 piece first aid kit including such things as band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic toweletts, burn ointment, antibacterial ointment, aspirin and other necessary items to help with any situations that require first aid treatment.

They supply you with a first aid guide to help out if you are a novice in this area. People who purchase this kit took the time to go over the first aid guide and become familiar with certain first aid procedures. Know what you have the right equipment to handle  situations on your own.

Some great additions to this kit are the dust masks. Even if the air is clear and you are a person that is just sensitive to the out of doors, the masks are a welcome addition.


There is Dynamo radio with a 3-LED flashlight that has a hand crank for instant power without batteries. It a good thing to have a radio to keep up on any news that will affect you personally.

Weather Protection

For cover and warmth, the kit has 2 solar blankets and 2 all-weather ponchos. This kit would not give you much to deal with if you had to camp outside for any length of time. You would want to add more shelter options.

This is a welcome starter kit to a complete bug out bag and will serve you well in any situation. You can decide to just store it and not even mess with it until you really need it.

Your hard core survival gear can be purchased at a later date but at least you would have this kit to help your survival chances.


Why should you rely on this prepacked emergency kit? It exceeds Red Cross specs and it’s from SportsMarkUSA, provider of disaster preparedness equipment and supplies for 15+ years.

Customers have chosen this kit because of it’s compact size and it has the necessary components for survival.

If your bug out destination ended up being put in a area with numerous other, you will be self-sufficient. You would have food, water and warmth and not fall victim to others around you.

I’m thinking of the Katina incident when so many people were jammed into a stadium. They had little to no supplies for survival and were at the mercy of the government.

Some of the people that purchased this kit have referenced the need to be able to take care of themselves in an emergency and not have to rely on others for their needs.

As a testimonial  these kits are chosen to protect staff and students in more than 4,800 classrooms.  Most of the customers were content when ordering this kit because this company takes all the risk with their 100% guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with it for any reason within 60 days, they will replace it or refund your full purchase price.


Stealth Tactical Bug Out Bag Survival Kit


Just reading the name of this bug out bag makes you want to own one! (Stealth Tactical) The bag itself, measures 21x14x11 and is of such a design that it blends in with your surroundings in a urban survival situation or in the wild.

Feature List

  • Weighs 27 pounds
  • 2 people 72 hours
  • two water options
  • AM/FM Dynamo Radio/Flashlight

Bag Material

The bag is water resistant which means that it can be carried in the rain but, don’t drop it in the creek because it is not water proof.  It does come with a waterproof covering so if you have to store it in the elements it will stay dry.

For your comfort while carrying it, it does have padded shoulder straps. Even though the weight is 27 pounds, the ladies would not have a hard time finding comfort in carrying this bag.

Most survivalist recommend doing a practice bug out so you know for certain that you can handle your load in your bug out bag. If you are struggling with the load, even a simple rearrangement of the contents can help. 

It may be necessary to remove some additions you have made that aren’t really necessary.

This company also makes a 4 person kit but I just reviewed the one that is for 2 people for a 72 hour period of time. The 4 person bag has larger quantities of food and water.

Water and Food Options

Considering our water needs, this bug out bag furnishes you with 12 – 4.2 water pouches and a supply of water purification powder with folding containers and instructions on how to achieve this task. Customers are pleased with the two options of having a water supply.

Use the prepared water while traveling to your bug out destination and when you reach that destination you can purify more water to use when ever you need it. Having the foldable water container is a plus for this bug out bag.

The pouches and the amount of water you can purify will keep you hydrated for more than 72 hour and still have water for other uses, good news on our most important concern, water!

The food rations are very similar to the other bug out bags, Coast Guard approved with a 5 year shelf life.  There are 2- 3600 calorie bars. The big bars break up into smaller servings of six for each big bar.

Weather Protection

For warmth and weather protection, this bug out bag has it all. There are 2 reflective sleeping bags, 2 adult ponchos, 2 person nylon tent and 2 hand warmers. You wouldn’t have any trouble staying warm even on a cold evening.

Cuddle up next to the fire you started with your flint striker included in the kit. Some customers have put in additional fire starting equipment in their bag. This is a good idea!

It takes up very little space for a book of waterproof matches and some cotton balls laced with Vaseline in an old prescription bottle or just a zip lock bag.

First Aid

There is a 61 piece first aid kit with band aids, dressings, butterfly closures, towelettes, sterile gloves, scissors and much more.  Another plus in this bag is the N95mask that filters out 95% of biological particles in the air that could cause you harm.

If you are sensitive to pollen or other air born particles, you would feel better just knowing you had the option of putting on a mask to aid your respiration. Personal hygiene products are also included.

Survival Extras

It also comes with a 48 page Emergency Preparedness guide that you would most likely have purchased separately. The Dynamo AM/FM radio-flashlight/mobile phone charger comes with this but I haven’t read any review on it’s abilities.

I do own one of these older radio/flashlight and am satisfied with it but I might like to upgrade to the one with a mobile phone charger. Knowing myself, I would probably forget to keep my phone charged and really need that feature.


I really like this bag as far as quality and content are concerned. I believe that anyone would be satisfied with being the owner of  the Stealth Tactical bug out bag!

This bug out bag is higher in price than some of the others but then it has been rated “advanced”  in it’s content and quality.

Customers have said that they didn’t mind the higher price because the bag was so complete and they were extremely satisfied with the contents.

They felt that they could just store the bag just like they received it and be confident they had what they needed for an emergency for 2 people.

Hope this helps some of you to make the decision to purchase some piece of mind in the form of an Emergency Kit for your Family. As Always, “Keep Your Chin in the Wind”.

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