LifeStraw Review – A Must For Your Survival Kit

Two of the most important elements you need to sustain yourself in a survival situation, you need clean water and fire. Having a way to get hydrated in an unfamiliar area can present a problem.

You will find plenty of contaminated water but you can make it safe to drink.

The LifeStraw is your answer to being able to consume water from a creek, pond or even a puddle and not have to worry about contamination.

The LifeStraw Company makes some quality, personal water filter  products that are easy to use and easy to store in your survival backpack.

I would like to tell you about a few of LifeStraw water filter products and help you make the decision on what to purchase.

You need a safe water supply in a survival situation or if you are hiking and backpacking in a new area.

So let’s continue on with our Lifestraw review to see how it can help you in survival situations.

 LifeStraw Filter Review – Ultimate Water Filter

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

lifestraw original

The LifeStraw personal water filter is 8 inches long and is about as big around as two magic markers. Just keep it in your jacket pocket and you will always have clean water to drink.

For around $15.00 you will be able to drink water anywhere, even in foreign countries where the water is usually questionable.

You can buy one filter at a time or the company offers you the chance to buy a five pack of water filters.

The straw has a cap on the top which you remove before putting that end in your mouth. Put the other end in your water source and suck on it to draw the water through the filter to drink.

If the water source is hard to reach, you can collect the water in a bowl or other container, put your straw in the container of water and drink.

Filtered Water Bottle

If you would like total convenience, you can get the LifeStraw Go Filtered Water  Bottle that has a carabiner attached so you can hook it to your backpack or belt loop. Use any source of water to fill the water bottle.

As you suck on the straw the water flows through the filter and Whala! Clean water.

If you are a biker, you can hook it up to your bike and you will always be ready to get hydrated. You can also buy replacement filter for the Go Water Bottle.

The LifeStraw water bottles even come in a variety of colors to please everyone!

Other Bottles With Water Filters

The Lifesaver brand is bigger and heavier than LifeStraw water bottle and more expensive but the filter is much more refined.

Another product is the GRAYL, which is also more expensive than LifeStraw but it has an easy fill, press and drink action.

Water filter reviews are favorable for both the above products.

Water for a Group

Another great product by LifeStraw is the Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier. It can purify around 4700 gallons which would service a family of four people for a period of three years.

Two other group water purifiers that I would recommend are the Autoflow Gravity Filter and Gravity Camp 6L.

How The Filter Water  WorksFamily Pack

The Filters on the products will remove 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and protozoans. It does all of this WITHOUT chlorine, iodine, or other chemicals.

The dirty water enters the end of the straw, and by suction passes through the highly efficient and advanced 0.2-micron hollow fiber membrane.

This is where all the contaminants are trapped. If you use the family filter, it operates by gravity pulling the water through the filter killing bacteria and protozoa.

Situations That Would Require Using LifeStraw

LifeStraw was originally created  for survival situation in third world countries. In the event of a natural disaster, water can become contaminated easily.

There are no moving parts and no batteries required to operate the LifeStraw, it is ready whenever you need a drink.

If you are going to travel internationally, the LifeStraw is a needed accessory. The body will have different reactions to water in different parts of the world.

With the LifeStraw personal water filter, you need not worry about water composition.

If you plan on going hunting, fishing, hiking or camping, the LifeStraw can save you the trouble of having to pack extra water in your bug out bag.

For more information on survival bags or bug out bags, click here.

Other Facts About LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

According to the EPA guidelines, the LifeStraw surpasses all standards for water filtration to help in your emergency preparedness.

Their products are provided worldwide during natural disasters to help prevent the outbreak of contagious diseases.

The LifeStraw is used by millions of people around the world every day for water filtration.

For each straw that is purchased, one child in a developing country will receive clean drinking water for an entire school year. A great humanitarian effort by this company.

Lifestraw Review – Conclusion

The Lifestraw personal water filter is my choice to carry when I am out hiking, camping. It works!

There is another product on the market similar to , but smaller,  the Sawyer Mini Straw water filter. It is a bit more expensive, but it will filter a larger quantity of water.

I am personally more familiar with the LifeStraw products, but I do plan on giving the Sawyer Mini Straw a try and see how it works.

Hopefully my Lifestraw review has been helpful. Give the LifeStraw a try, for the price, it is a survival tool of the best quality.

It provides something we all need for survival—clean drinking water. Until next time, “keep your chin in the wind”.

Carol Ellis

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