Preppers Favorite Bug Out Bag – light and Basic

Preppers Favorite Bug Out Bag Features

Do  you want to be prepared for a disaster but don’t know where to start or what you will need? After going over this bag, it pretty much has you covered.

Feature List

  • Water and Food Supply
  • Compact Size
  • 1 Person 72 Hour
  • Weather Protection

Water and Food

Preppers-Favorite-bug-out-bagThe water source in this bag is a filtration straw that comes in a water pouch and is capable of filtering 30 gallons of water and an extra  water bottle that folds that you can fill and drink through the filter straw with.

You could add water pouches but with this bag you would be thinking about keeping the weight at a minimum, as that is how it is designed. The amount of water you are able to purify would be  enough water to share with others. I would suggest adding a small bottle of Aqua tablets.

Food ration is 3600 calorie bars which would be sufficient for a 72 hour period. Again, this bag is designed to serve your needs and sustain one person for a specific period of time. 

The bars are non- thirst provoking, have a lemon flavor and are certified Kosher. A good survivalist could make the food  last even longer.

Prepping is getting more and more popular and to get you going this is a great foundation on which to build.  This bag can be stored in your car, at the office or in your home. As you learn more about prepping, you can add survival gear and personalize your bug out bag.

Size and Reasons

Not only can you use this as a bug out bag but it is recommended for a get home bag as well because of it’s compact size. What the heck, buy two and keep one at the office and one at home.

No matter where you are when a disaster hits, you will be prepared.

Customers like the compact size and weight and say there is nothing cheap feeling about it. The material is proven durable and will last through many uses.

It’s a Fox tactical bag, well made, MOLLE equipped, with padding on the strap slides so it is comfortable as a sling. One customer made the comment that the bag was packed in the order he might use it.

Other customers have said they make great Christmas presents for family and friends that you would like to introduce into the  life style of being prepared.

Weather Protection

If you need to start a fire while on the go, this bag has a great fire starting kit and is contained in its own waterproof container.

There are 3 tinder quicks, a plastic bag with tinder sticks, and a small metal spark wheel that opens on the end to replace the flint, all in the one container.

Other fire making components includes some kindling, alcohol wipes, a spark flint and waterproof matches, if you’re not good with using a flint.

If using this fire kit for the first fire you ever build, you would be able to accomplish the task without any problems. Although, it might be a good idea to spend sometime on a Sunday afternoon learning how to start a fire.

There is a 3’x7′ 5.8 oz. emergency  reusable tear-resistant Mylar sleeping bag in a carrying sack. The poncho is 61″ x 65″ , which is handy but is not shelter worthy and no bag to store it in.


Customers have been really happy with the personal attention they receive from this company. They let some customers know when they were packing their bag and when it should arrive.

One customer was very taken with the compact size of the bag and its contents, she said it was smaller than the purse she carries everyday.

Other qualities included are a Cree tactical flashlightt and  8 hour glow sticks.  A  57 piece First Aid kit that includes: a tough carrying case with tweezers, pocket first aid guide, vinyl gloves, alcohol prep pads. tape roll and bandages.

Also there are ointments for burns, scrapes and insect bites. IMPORTANT!

If you are concerned with the size of what you need to store, this would be a great purchase. Wonderful start to preparing a complete bug out bag since the only survival gear is a multi-tool and a little compact shovel. Preppers favorite could be your favorite and you will be well on your way to surviving a situation beyond your control. For the money, this is a smart buy.

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