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Since becoming an official pepper I have tried to learn as much as I can. I have read countless articles, blogs, and visited many sites on the web and have learned a lot from watching U tube. Twitter also has some great people that will share what they know about survival. I would like to share some of the sites with whoever is interested in prepping. Below I will list 5 of my favorite people and places to gain knowledge. As I do more research, I will add more!

My first favorite site is with Karen Wood. There are numerous videos about any situation you can think of and it includes a lot of history. They also offer instructional DVD”s, a Magazine called, “Survival Quarterly, a radio show and a forum for discussions on all things survival. You can even purchase a limited edition Buck knife. Lots to learn on this site as I have spent hours watching the videos.

The next site I really like is This site is so optimistic with their great blogs, who ever does their writing has a unique flair. There are articles on how to recharge alkaline batteries, the many uses of essential oils and the basics of prepping for survival. Ladies will love this site and will want to try all the DIY projects. The guys will want to get down to more basic survival stuff.

The third site I like is This guy is a counterintelligence agent and offers 10 simple ideas on how to start prepping. His knowledge is extensive and he offers some hard truth comments. There is no sugar coating, just real facts with a sense of  urgency to them. Some things blogged about we don’t want to consider but he forces you to be realistic about life.

The next site I found to be full of knowledge is This site covers everything you need to know to get started in prepping. It explains all about what you will need for water, food, shelter and a lot more. There are numerous links to expos and survivor blogs. Great basic information on this site.

Finally, there is There are two videos on you tube that I have watched 3 or 4 times for bug out bags and I really like this guy. He explains the need and contents of a bug out bag so there is no question on what you need and why you need it. Truly great videos on self defense. I’m thinking this might be my new favorite site.

Hope you will take the time to do some more research on prepping and to get started with your bug out bag.  Until next time, “keep your chin in the wind!”







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