Staying Fit Increases Survival Rate

There are many reasons to stay in good shape: longevity, promote good health, looking good on the beach, participating in sports and the main reason for “preppers” is; we need to carry our survival gear.

As I have mentioned before, do practice runs on the weekends with your bug out bag, fully loaded to make sure you can manage the weight. You can have the most well packed and balanced bag around but if you don’t have the strength to carry it for any longer than a half mile and your bug out destination is 5 miles away, you are in trouble.

Our first thing to think about is what you are putting in your bug out bag. Do you have heavy equipment that could be replaced with lighter weight units that would work just as good? Have you over packed on prepared food and water? Did you duplicate to many components? Ideally, you want your bag to weight in between 28-35 pounds if you are an average sized person, male or female and in good shape.

I have reviewed the Ultimate Arms Gear 4 Person bug out bag and it has everything you need and the weight would fall within our ideal parameters. Keep in mind that you may have to move fast and for long periods of time.

So, just how fit do you have to be to be able to carry your bug out bag? Can you walk for 5 miles without any equipment on you? What muscles are you going to use when you bug out and you need to move fast? We know we need to have our legs in good shape and if we are carrying a load, we need to be able to control our breathing. Our shoulders and upper back need to be in good shape to support the load we are carrying.

I believe we are talking about our entire body being in good shape. My favorite site to help guide you as you get into shape and point you in the right direction is The reviews on this site are numerous and excellent as the site owner has done a lot of them and you can follow his progress as he takes you through the workouts.

There is info on how to improve your diet, how to get the fitness motivation you need, specific shoulder exercises. This site is for ladies and gents, and is very inspiring. Take a look at this site, I am doing the PiYo-Yoga Pilates as there is no jumping but a lot of toning and is beginner friendly yoga.

Getting into shape should be a goal that you have as a prepper, even if you think you are going to bug in instead of bug out! We don’t always have control over our environment and the disasters that can take place. It is best to be ready for anything.

Next time you do a practice run with your bug out bag, be conscious of what muscles start to get tired first and add a workout to your regimen that will increase the strength in that part of your body. Here is hoping you find some fun things to do to increase your strength and stamina.   Until next time, “Keep Your Chin in The Wind”.





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