Ultimate Arms Gear 2 Person Survival Bag Review

Ultimate Arms Gear 2 Person Bug Out Bag Feature

2 Person Ultimate Arms Gear Survival Gear Set
2 Person Ultimate Arms Gear Survival Gear Set
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This bug out bag is a 2 person, 3 day kit. The star of this bag is the well known “LifeStraw” that has no shelf life, so it can be stored indefinitely in your bag for a long time.

With the Lifestraw you will be assured of getting a drink when your thirsty even if the only available water is a puddle!

Feature List

  • LifeStraw
  • Survival tools
  • Army Survival Manual
  • 2 person, 3 day

Water Supply

Ultimate Arms Gear 2 Bugout Bag Review
Knowing how important water is to our survival, the LifeStraw can filter up to 1.000 liters or 264 gallons of water.  It has no shelf life. Time Magazine called it “the best invention of the year” as a chemical free personal water filter. It surpasses EPA guidelines for filtering out E.coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium oocyst. You can drink out of a stream in the woods with no problem.

If you get thirsty on the way to your destination, you can drink out of most water sources you run across with the lifestraw. OR…… There are 12 pouches of emergency drinking water supplied. Great knowing you can have a source of drinking water as you travel.

The two sources of water is a feature most customers look for in a complete bug out bag. The prepared water pouches have a shelf life of 5 years so if you have to leave in a hurry, rest easy, your water supply is under control.

Food Supply

There is a 2 person, 3 day supply of S.O.S. emergency food rations in the form of 18 food bars. The bars are 200 calories each and are able to stand up to hot and cold temperatures. Whatever the weather is when you bug out, your food pouches will be good to eat. They are US Coast Guard approved and are one of the best disaster foods on the market.

This amount of calories will sustain you for 72 hours and the bars are fortified with necessary nutrients. The bars are made in the USA and that is a good selling point for me, plus they taste like a sweet cookies. I’m still waiting to find some chocolate bars. These food ration bars have a shelf life of 5 years.

Weather Protection

As far as keeping out of the elements, this bag comes with a military style 56″ x 90″ hooded rain poncho with drawstring hood and pull cord. It also features 4 grommets for anchoring, making it suitable for rain protection. It can be used to make a tent, wind shelter or as camouflage.

Other uses  would be as a ground sheet or use as a tarpaulin for waterproof packing. Also included are a camping tube tent and a Polar-shield blankett.

There are a couple of different fire starting methods. You will be able to use the  Weatherproof and Windproof NATO approved polybagged matches, 50 total or a 3 in 1 belt buckle flint fire starter.

This is all you need to get fire, but if neither one of them work, there is also a magnesium alloy fire starter on one of the tool sheaths.

You can see that this bug out bag is well worth the money just knowing that you will be able to stay warm and dry in any situation. This is a main concern of survivalists along with food and water.

This is a great selling point for this bug out bag. It is hard to do anything if you are cold.

Survival Tools

This kit would make organizing an emergency situation easy. Just knowing that you have all the survival gear you need in one bag is gratifying, to say the least.

A survival knife is a extremely necessary item to have and this bug out bag has a 8.5″, overall one. It has a double reverse serrated blade with a metal handle and a nylon sheath.

Most men will admit that having a good knife would be their most important survival tool.  The axe is 10.5″ length stainless steel with a belt sheath and a paracord handle.

These two tools could also be used for self-defense, but lets hope there isn’t any need for that. The kit is furnished with a Department of the Army Survival Field manual.

This manual is so detailed that you will want to read all of it. This will be a priceless piece of reference material for your bug out bag.

Any situation that you  need help with will be solved with the knowledge in this manual.

Another survival tool is your first aid supplies and this bug out bag comes with a fully stocked first aid kit that comes in a poly bag and all the contents are made in the USA. This is another good selling point for me.


The gear in this product is fine quality and the size fits its purpose. All of this fits into a camo backpack with handy compartments on the outside of the pack.

This would be my pick even though I am one person, because it is so complete. I don’t have to do anymore shopping, I’m done!

I would seriously look at the 4 person bug out bag by the same company if you are a family person. You have it all if you purchase this product.

Sit back and relax knowing that you are fully prepared for an emergency disaster if you own this bug out bag.

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