Ultimate Arms Gear 4 Person Bug Out Bag Review

Ultimate Arms Gear 4 Person Bug Out Bag Features

Ultimate Arms Gear 4 Person
Ultimate Arms Gear 4 Person
Ultimate Arms Gear 4 Person
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I have reviewed  two bug out bags from the same company because they offer a 2 person and a 4 person and both have the same great survival gear.
This 4 person bag would be great for a family while most of the others are for just 1 or 2 people.
Feature List

  • Water Options
  • 4 person 5 day
  • Survival Gear
  • Weather Protection

Water Options

Ultimate Arms Gear 2 Bugout Bag Review
The water supply, our most important concern, includes the “LifeStraw”. You can drink out of a pond, river or creek just by sucking on the straw.  The LifeStraw alone is worth $20+ so it is a great addition to this bag and yes you can buy replacement filters.

The  only drawback on the straw is the fact that you have to place one end in the water source while sucking on the other end. This would be difficult if a creek you come across has steep banks and no way to get to the water.

I would carry aqua tablets also, this way you can fill a container with water and the tablets will purify it within 30 minutes.

In this bug out bag are also 40 packs of emergency purified water to use once you set up your camp.   Your water worries are over with the purchase of this product.

Food Rations

There is a 4 person, 5 day supply of SOS emergency food rations which includes 60 fortified food bars that are good for 5 years. This is a factor you won’t have to worry about when storing your bug out bag for future use.

You can tell your friends that you are ready for just about anything that comes your way and mean it–for five years. You will be one of the smart ones and you won’t be running around like a chicken with your head cut off when a disaster happens.

Survival Gear

There is more than an adequate amount of gear for getting your camp area cleared out and ready to put up shelter. Because of the quantity of survival gear in this bug out bag, you really don’t need to purchase anything else.

This bag is complete enough to just get familiar with and then store it away for use.

Some of the tools to make your life easier on the go would be the Machete that is 23″ overall with a 19″ inch stainless steel blade, fiber handle, and nylon sheath.

The survival knife is 8.5″ overall, black double reverse serrated blade with metal handle, nylon sheath, survival kit and compass.

The axe is 10.5″ length stainless steel with belt sheath and paracord handle.  You are also furnished with 50 more feet of paracord. 

There is an 11 in 1 credit card size travel survival tool that can be used as a butterfly wrench, can opener screwdriver, and much more.

Another addition is the steel 4 in one tool feature that has a shovel, bottle opener, pick, and saw.

As I am reviewing this bug out bag you can see the completeness of it and being a beginning preppers it would be a life saver.

Weather Protection

To get a fire started, get out the axe, machete and saw blades. Use the belt buckle flint fire starter or the windproof & weatherproof NATO approved polybagged matches. 

There is also a magnesium alloy fire starter. I’m not seeing fire tender in this kit but some cotton balls with Vaseline on them can be added and would takes up little space.

For camping there is a military style 56″ x 90″ hooded poncho  to use for making a tent, a tube tent is also included and a polar shield blanket. Having a good fire going to snuggle up to, will provide you with plenty of warmth.


Having everything you need in one bag is the convenience factor that you are looking for. Families that live a fast paced life and are busy, busy, busy,  will marvel at the completeness of this bag.

This is a one stop-shop!

Go through it and become familiar with the contents, then store it where you will have quick access to it and get on with your busy life. Knowing you have a super bug out bag ready to go will give you peace of mind.

You can find the best price here for more information.

Although this is a 4 person bug out bag, I would even recommend it for 2 people to use for a longer period of time. The tools are not duplicated for a 4 person unit, just the food and water rations are doubled. 

What ever the number of  people you purchase this bag to serve, it is complete and a great buy.

If this is not the type of survival kit you are looking for you can review our complete bug out bags guide here for more options.

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